I did this for my own children,

I'm certain that your children will love it too!

Любовь Янпольски

Hello! My name is Lubov Yanpolsky

I have been playing the piano for 25 years and teaching piano for 14 years; a third generation piano teacher.

I have a diverse music education:

  • Master's degree in solo performance from Tel Aviv University, under the tutelage of professor Arye Vardi,
  • Master's degree in performance and teaching from the Belarus Music Academy in Minsk,
  • Master's degree in chamber music from Tel Aviv University, under the tutelage of pianist and conductor, Vag Papian.

Currently, I teach at two of the leading music schools in Israel - “Shtriker,” a central Tel Aviv school and Daniel Barenboym's school – and at a conducting class at Tel Aviv University.

I won awards at many international and Israeli competitions for piano and chamber music, but my calling is teaching music to little children.

I have two daughters who are 3 and 4 years old, and I developed a special methodology to teach them to play the piano and read sheet music from the age of three. My older daughter has been practicing for a year and the younger one is just beginning. The methodology is based on the newest technological achievements, a patented American computer program, and the learning materials and supplies that I created.

Lubov Yanpolsky,

Pianist and Piano Teacher