Do you wish to give the children who attend your preschool a well rounded development?

Do you want a competitive edge over the other preschools in your neighborhood?

Do parents complain that they'd like to take their children to after school programs, but don't have the time?

We can solve all three problems at once!

I am offering to hold classes for children (with additional compensation from parents) right at your preschool – children will be introduced to music from the age of three, and parents will save on trips to after school programs.

The parents will thank you!

From our experience, this idea is feasible even on Fridays, and its implementation will result in more children attending your preschool on Fridays. After all, they'll be learning music!

It is also possible to arrange for preschool teachers to be instructed in the “Music literacy for kids” class.

For additional information, contact us at  or by phone at 054-799-4575, Luba