Music is a communication tool!

Music is a means to express your emotions!

Music is an international language!

Now, children of any age, starting from 3 years old, can master this language, with pleasure and interest, in game form, using modern computer technologies.

The mastery any language consists of three basic categories:

  1. Speaking
  2. Wrighting
  3. Reading

Our learning materials were created to facilitate a balanced mastery of all sides of the musical language, and provide an easy and interesting entry into the vivid world of music.

Your child will learn to:

  • play by ear;
  • create small musical pieces;
  • read music in both the treble and bass clef;
  • sing in the musical language (solfeggio);
  • have the technical base to play the piano.

  • “Soft Mozart” computer software
  • “Music Arcade” computer software

Our game materials:

  • "Song-poems"
  • "Stair-poems"
  • Flashcards "Musical Alphabet" , level 1-5

  • Boardgames "Musical Alphabet"
  • "Stadium – Rally"
  • "Pairs" alphabet, rhythm, intervals, chords
  • "Puzzles" alphabet, rhythm, intervals, chords

  • "Rhythmic trains” " levels 1-3
  • "Musical zoo" intervals
  • "Musical clocks"

  • "Musical theater"
  • "Kingdom"
  • "Harmonic family" basics of harmony and playing by ear

  • "Live interactive music sheet"
  • "Pathfinder" levels 1-3
  • "Working notebooks" levels 1-3

A large body of finger exercise games to develop fine motor skills and prepare the hands and body of your child to play the instrument.

For additional information, contact us at or by phone at 054-799-4575, Luba

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