Your youngster is a whiz with a computer, but you want him to do more than just play shooting games?

You know that playing the piano develops fine motor skills and both hemispheres of the brain?

You'd like your child to start studying music from the earliest possible age, but you're told that step aerobics is the only activity available for kids under six?

I offer you the newest teaching methodology, based on patented American and Canadian software programs, which will allow you to start teaching your kids from the age of three. You will be able to combine three methods of piano instruction depending on your financial situation and free time:

  • lessons with a teacher
  • independent selflessons
  • lessons at home, with parents

All you'll need is a synthesizer, computer software and enthusiasm. :)
If you have time to work with your child on your own, I will be happy to teach you how to work with your kids using the software programs.

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